Çerez Örnek

“Bir Tebessüm de Sen Yarat”


With the "Bir Tebessüm de Sen Yarat" social responsibility project initiated by the Ege University Rectorate in 2018, gifts will be delivered to children in need before the Ramadan Feast this year as well.


Our academic/administrative staff and students who want to support the project, to the list consisting of children aged 7-13, can get detailed information from 0(232)311-4304 until 25 April 2022 and have their names written.


Detailed Information: 0(232)311-4304 / Halkilis@mail.ege.edu.tr


            Submission Deadline: April 22, 2022


             Gift Delivery Deadline: April 25, 2022


             Gift Delivery Place: EU Rectorate - Public Relations Branch Office


             Note: More than one child's name can be written on the list.

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